Proudly South African nappy brand, Cuddlers, has  been getting into the mobile space by launching Cuddlers Cuties on Jmbo. Cuddlers Cuties is built to provide moms, and their families, with helpful tips    and advice at every stage of their baby’s development. And it’s a pretty neat way of keeping track of your baby’s development too, with each little cutie (that’s what we call them on the site)
getting its own profile.

The next big development for the site is the introduction of a module that allows moms who buy Cuddlers products to submit the unique codes featured on the packaging to the site in exchange for the chance to win great prizes. Just another way we’re trying to make Jmbo’s features more useful to any brand or organisation that’s trying to bring its physical products closer to its virtual platforms. Visit the site here.

We’ve been working on a version of Jmbo that we’re all very excited about and we wanted to start spreading the word early. Jmbo Go is built to give organisations fast and easy access to a whole host of Jmbo features with very little technical expertise or knowledge. It’s intended to a be a super-simple solution for people who need a simple selection of features combined into a mobile site with a minimum of fuss, and for very little cost. Stay tuned for more information

The Jmbo team are very proud to announce the rollout of Airtel Football across 17 African countries, in two different languages. A mobi and web site dedicated to giving African football fans all the latest football news, Airtel Football is our most extensive launch yet. The project has also been a great test of all of the different Jmbo modules we’ve been developing as it includes news articles, galleries, commenting, social features and video. It’s also a great test of Jmbo’s flexibility as all content, and the user interface with it, needs to be available in English and French for both Mobi and Web. We’re hoping add a lot more features over the next few months. In the meantime, visit the site here.